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To help with the return to normality, GUI Innovations have developed the Mobile Bar Ordering system to cater for social distancing in pubs.

The system will let your customers download an app for iPhone or Android to order in your pub, without approaching the bar or other customers. There is an associated app for your pub, which will take these orders, and allow you to serve them. This will also run on iPhone/iPad/Android.

The system will work with or without product files, but will function better if you can provide product files. 

The system has been designed to be as simple to operate as possible, both for the pub owner and the customer. For more details, a demonstration, pricing information or any questions, please get in touch with us - Contact details are on your right.f

This is a walk through to illustrate how the system works. The Mobile Bar Manager will run behind the bar and take orders from the Mobile Bar Orders app. We also have a short video demonstrating it here.

This is the 'hub' of the system and just has 3 options Orders, Settings and About.

The Pub ID is unique to your pub, and is what the customer uses to connect. You can enter the pub name, the options to display prices to the customer, and whether or not to play a notification sound behind the bar when a new order arrives. 

You can configure the order header to turn amber if the order has not been served in less than the time specifed, and turn red if the order has not been served for a longer time.

The about screen shows general information, and allows you to send feedback to us, suggestions for enhancements etc.

The hub of the Mobile Bar Manager is the Orders screen.

Your customer will download the Mobile Bar Orders from the App Store or Google Play store, and when they run they will see this screen.

The customer should enter their name, a password (so no-one can order on their behalf) and most importantly the Pub ID, and tap on 'Log On' to connect to the Mobile Bar Manager.

The Mobile Bar Manager will register the connection, and the customer will see the ordering page, with 4 options in the toolbar.

The 'About' screen will show some information about the system, shown below. The 'Same Again' button will repeat tha last order and let the customer send the order again, or change it. 'Search' allows a freeform search instead of selecting an item, which is probably the quickest way to use the system.

The about screen shows information about the system, and allows the customer to send us feedback via email.

The customer will need to enter a table number, or a description of where they are in the pub. Any field where the customer can enter text will automatically be checked for profanity so that no unseemly language will be sent to the Mobile Bar Manager.

They then have a choice of how to order - you can order by 'selecting', or by searching. To order by 'selecting', you first choose a category. The categories are defined by yourselves.

In this case, the customer has chosen 'Beers', and gets a list of available beers, which they can select. You can increment or decrement the quantity, and click on 'Add To Order'. You also can choose notes for the drink (again, you can maintain the notes). We have chosen 'Corona' and added it to the order.

The alternative way to order is to tap on the 'Search' icon, and the search box appears. Simply start typing and a list of drinks appear that contain the letters you type. So we have typed 'Gin' and we get a list of everything containing Gin anywhere in the product.

In this case, we have chosen 'Gin Gordons' and we need to click on 'Add to Order'

We have searched for 'Tonic' and chosen 'Tonic Slimline'. Tap on 'Notes' to get a selection, and choose 'Ice and Lemon' and 'Add to Order'

We can continue to build the order, by selecting 'Crisps' and adding 4 packets of 'Cheese and Onion' crisps to the order.

At this point we are happy with the order, and we can tap on 'Send Order'. This goes straight to the Mobile Bar Manager and the customer gets an order number, and confirmation that it has been sent.

Meanwhile, behind the bar, the Mobile Bar Manager has received the order.

The manager shows the details of the customer, and the details of the order. If the order has not been completed before the 'Amber' time, the order header shows this.

Customers can also add 'Free Form' notes and add them to their order - again profanity checks are carried out.

And send the order...

When you have finished order 93 then simply swipe left on the header and delete it.

And the order is deleted - but saved to the history.

To see what orders you have taken, to check something on an order, or simply to see what has happened, tap on the 'History' icon to get a list of all the days orders, starting with the latest order.

And to see details of an orderd, simply tap on that order....


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