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FindMySurface should help you if your Surface (or any Windows 8 machine) goes missing.

We plot your position when the program starts, on a timed basis, and various system events, such as changes in your network status. This is done within the limitations of the Surface. You can also use it to track any Windows 8 system.

Click on the icon to get details of the last location, and plot the position of your surface for the last 30 days.

FindMySurface will use Wi-Fi or IP addresses to plot your position, in the absence of GPS. In our testing we have found Wi-Fi to be incredibly accurate.

You can track your surface using a friends' PC, our Windows Phone application or our FindMySurface web site.

  • Find your surface if it goes missing
  • See a history of locations
  • Data held securely on Azure
  • Find someone else's Surface for them
  • Runs in background, logging your location on a timely basis, and when system events occur


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