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SqlLink3000 builds on our base of Client/Server and migration tools and is available from our distributors. SqlLink3000 allows you to access your SQL databases directly from your HPe3000. The product has 2 main constituents:-
•A ‘multi-threaded’ data server running on your PC server
•A library of ‘XL’ callable routines on your HPe3000

We also include SqlQuery, and interactive ‘query’ type HPe3000 utility.
•SqlLink3000 uses Microsoft Active Data Objects (ADO).
•Runs on a ‘windows’ system to connect to the database (Preferably NT, 2000 or XP).
•Connects to any SQL database for which you have ADO or ODBC drivers.
•Implemented on the HPe3000 as a set of routines in an XL

The routines callable on the HPe3000 are:-
SqlConnect – Connect to the remote data server, and open your database.
SqlClose – close your database and disconnect from your remote data server.
SqlExec – execute a Sql command, i.e. Insert, Update, Delete
SqlRead – initiate a read operation on a table, a view, or linked tables.
SqlGetNext – retrieves the next record from your database
SqlGetStringField – retrieve a string field from your record
SqlGetIntegerField – retrieve a numeric field from your record
SqlGetDecimalField – retrieve a decimal numeric field from your record

SqlQuery runs on the HPe3000, and has been designed to look like the HPe3000 query. A sample SqlQuery session is available here.

SqlLink3000 and SqlQuery are part of our continuing commitent to the HPe3000 platform, and also add to our arsenal of HPe3000 migration tools.

A more complete pdf document is available here. The sample COBOL program mentioned is shipped with the evaluation package.

In addition, you can read the review of SqlLink3000 from HP3000 Newswire.


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