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SqlServerCE is a great database for Pocket PC’s, but designing, maintaining and querying databases on the PPC, especially whilst developing, can be wearing. We developed this tool to help us when developing for SqlServerCE. With RemoteSQLCe you can completely manage your SqlServerCE database from the desktop. RemoteSQLCE works in the cradle, and over ethernet/bluetooth.
This latest version supports ALL versions of SQL mobile databases, SqlServerCE, SqlMobile and SqlEverywhere (the desktop version). These are all supported from the same screen on the PC, so you have the same interface to access all your mobile databases. We have also included a tool to port your SqlServerCE databases to SqlMobile databases.

Using RemoteSQLCe you can:-
Create a database
Drop a database
Examine the database structure
Get Database information
Compact a database
Create a table
Drop a table
Add columns
Drop columns
Add an index
Drop an index
Run SQL queries
Load data from a file
Execute batches of SQL statements
Generate (and populate) a SqlServerCE database from your server databases
Download our 30 day trial version and try it out for yourself.
In order to use the ‘Generate’ facility, MDAC must be installed on your PC. MDAC is available from Microsofts’ download area.

Download 30 day trial 

RemoteSQLCe costs $39.99, and includes 1 year of support via e-mail, and all upgrades and any bug-fixes, and can be purchased here. Upgrades for existing users are $12.99 and are available to purchase here Download Help File

Get all this power in a dll, and use it from your own code. The dll can be purchased as a separate product for $79.99, or can be purchased with RemoteSQLCe for $99.99, a saving of $20, and can be purchased here, or a 30 day trial can be downloaded from here. Download help file and manual


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