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The latest meeting of the WPUG North West happened on Wednesday 7th November at MadLab in Manchester.

The meeting was well attended, our best attendance so far, thanks in no small part by the effort put in by Nokia, and particularly Richard Pidgeon.

I opened the meeting with a presentation on 'What's new for developers in Windows Phone 8' - a short introduction consisting of no more than 50+ slides.

This was followed by a lively discussion on code commonality between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. Judging from a couple of conversations I have had since then, this is going to be a hot topic for both developers, and companies wishing to produce apps that run on both platforms.

After the discussion, there was a presentation by Riaz Ahmed (@TheRealRiaz) on the newly announced Nokia phones, and the newly announced Nokia Developers Program. Riaz also brought along a Nokia 820 for people to play with. Again the presentation stimulated some lively discussions, around the pizzas, kindly provided by our friends from Nokia.

After a 'straw poll', it was decided to expand the group, by starting to cover Windows 8 in addition to Windows Phone, due in no small part to the cross platform interest.

We had a raffle, and distributed some Pluralsight vouchers (thanks), some Windows Phone development e-books from Pearson (thanks Rachel), and some Windows Phone Stencils (thanks Paul Lo).

We then adjourned next door, to socialise, and to have a few beers (thanks Riaz!).

As promised, the links from my presentation are shown below, and also the links from Riaz.

We are looking towards early January for our next meeting. If you have any suggestions for content, speakers etc., please can you send your suggestions to me, Rik or Richard Pidgeon - Thanks.

My Links:-

Everything hangs off -
 Downloads -
 Registration -
 Documentation -
 Samples -
 Dashboard -

Keynote 1 (from about 1hr 10min)
How to Leverage your Code across WP8 and Windows 8
Windows Phone 8: Application Model
Windows Phone 8: XAML Application Development
Windows Phone 8: Native C/C++ Game Development

Channel 9 for Windows Phone
Channel 9 Inside Windows Phone

Nokia links from Riaz

Nokia Developer Portal for Windows Phone devs
Nokia Lumia Developer's Library
Nokia Ad Exchange (NAX)
Nokia Developer Wiki for Windows Phone devs
Nokia Music APIs for Windows Phone 8 and REST API
Lumia Labs Webinars (now open for registration) – Starts 14 November

 Thanks to everyone who came along - hopefully see you all in January.

Originally posted 12/Nov/2012


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