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I have increasingly been seeing the message 'Property editing not available' when on the xaml design page of a VS2010 Windows Phone 7 application.

Some judicious searching threw up various suggestions, including several opinions that the problem was fixed. Possibly, but not for me, using VS2010 with the latest service packs, and the current phone development beta. Of all the various suggestions, the one that consistently seems to work for me is editing the xaml, and the properties window magically appears.

Pick any control on the page, and add a new property. Simply go to the end of the line, hit the space bar, and choose a property.

Then, simply delete the property you have just entered, in this case 'CacheMode' and the properties window should appear.

Hopefully, this will help people with the same problems.

If anyone knows of a PERMANENT solution problem, please let me know.

Originally posted 17/Jul/2011


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