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I recently submitted my first app to the Windows 8 store. I had done all the right things, or so I thought, so from VS2012 I did Project>Store>Create App Packages...

This churned away, and then told me the app had failed. I looked at the report, and saw the helpful message "The contrast ratio of the background color and foreground text color is 1. This ratio should be greater than or equal to 1.5"

Ignoring the incorrect spelling of colour, I tried to find out what this meant. I asked a couple of people, and then reached out on Twitter. It was suggested it could be failing on the 'light' theme. I checked it out using a light theme and sure enough, my fly-outs for settings and the about screen didn't look good with a dark blue background and black text. So I rejigged it to use a different, background colour, and with great confidence went through the process of creating an App Package. Same result.

Then I got an answer from Twitter (sorry - can't remember who) telling me to look at the Foreground Text and Background Colour within Package.appxmanifest. This was set to

ForegroundText:   Light
BackgroundColor: #ffffff

I changed it to

ForegroundText:   Dark
BackgroundColor: #ffffff

tried again, and this time it sailed through without errors.

So make sure that it doesn't read:

ForegroundText:   Light
BackgroundColor: #ffffff

or presumably

ForegroundText:   Dark
BackgroundColor: #000000


Originally posted 1/Nov/2012


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