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My laptop's hard drive developed some bad sectors a couple of months ago, and stopped booting every time, and was very unreliable. I had backups, but the lastest was a few days old, so I bit the bullet, and put a new 320gb drive in my laptop.

After talking to my colleagues, I decided to install Vista, and then use virtual machines within Vista. As Andy outlined in a recent blog post you can use Virtual PC or VMWare, and being mobile developers, we generally need USB ports, so I went with VMWare. I set up 2 virtual machines, both running XP Pro. As I had already tinkered with this originally, I simply restored the files, and my virtual machine was up and running. This machine was supporting VS2008 and SQL Server 2008.

The other system was set up to use VS2005, VS2003, Visual Basic 6.0 (yes - really), and othe legacy systems, and I gave it a 100gb disc with no initial allocation. The VS2008 system I had set up with a 16gb drive, which I had pre-allocated. Yesterday, this came back to bite me, as I started to run out of disc space.

Googling told me that there were many solutions to re-sizing my disc drive, some complex, some very complex. I read this entry which suggested a really easy route, and pointed me at VMConverter, which I duly downloaded. What a breeze! After backing up to an external disc, I ran VMConvertor as detailed in the article, and increased my drive from 16gb to 32gb. I simply had to complete some basic info, and away it went. I created a new machine in just over 1 hour, checked it out, and deleted the original.


Originally posted 4/Feb/2009


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