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I have been writing a new app for Windows Phone 8, taking advantage of the new Nokia maps built into the platform. All was going swimmingly, maps work well and quickly, problem with AR which I am working on, but everything seemed OK in testing.

I decided I would use the adcontrol, and offer a low-price purchase option if people want to get rid of the ads (always assuming someone downloads it). I used the adcontrol when I ported Pop Quiz and implemented it in code - so:-

        adControlFSA = new AdControl("test_client",   // ApplicationID
                                                             "Image480_80",   // AdUnitID
                                                             true);           // isAutoRefreshEnabled
  if (adControlFSA != null)
     adControlFSA.Width = 480;
     adControlFSA.Height = 80;
     adControlFSA.VerticalAlignment = VerticalAlignment.Bottom;
     adControlFSA.HorizontalAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Center;
     Grid grid = (Grid)this.LayoutRoot.Children[1];

I plugged this in, ran the app, no errors, no adcontrol. Checked the visibility, the number of controls, the parent control, everything I could think of - still no dice. I then split the code out, generated a new project, targeting Windows Phone 8, ran the project - still no control!

Started a new project in VS2010 this time targeting 7.1, ran the project, and there was the ad control - WTF!!!

Chatted about it to colleagues, and twitterati, and still no joy. Reached out to Microsoft, and got the answer back - capabilities! The minimum capabilities you need are:-



Went back to my project, ran it, and the adcontrol appeared.

So if you hit the same problems - look at your capabilities.

Thanks Andy and Microsoft

Originally posted 5/Dec/2012


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