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I am a great fan of Redgate tools for both SQL Server and .Net development.

They write superb tools for developers - I find SQL Toolbelt invaluable for working with SQL Server.

The have just produced a new FREE tool call SQL Search which does exactly what it does on the tin.

It integrates on your toolbar on SQL Server Management Studio, and allows you to quickly search your database(s). You can find all fragments of a string for example, or assess the impact of changes. You can search for a field name, and it will tell you in which tables, store procedures, triggers the field occurs, and then quickly navigate to them. It is very fast in operation, after it has initially indexed your databases.

It is a great addition to their range of excellent SQL Server tools. I was involved in the 'beta', and since loading it, I have probably used it every day and would now be lost without it.

Only bad news for us mobile developers, SQL Server CE is not currently supported.

Did I mention it was FREE?


Originally posted 8/Feb/2010


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