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Just been updating one of my VM's to ensure I have all the lastes stuff I need. I installed Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 and then came to install the latest version of Nuget. I immediately got a failure message, the log file telling me 'VSIXInstaller.SignatureMismatchException: The signature on the update version of 'NuGet Package Manager' does not match the signature on the installed version. Therefore, Extension Manager cannot install the update.'

A few minutes judicious searching told me that I needed to uninstall, which I did via control panel. Still no joy. Rebooted the VM and tried again - same thing. Back to even more judicious searching, and came across

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE>vsixinstaller.exe /uninstall:NuPackToolsVsix.Microsoft.67e54e40-0ae3-42c5-a949-fddf5739e7a5

Ran this from the command prompt, and tried re-installing again and everything was fine. Now to download the Nuget packages I can't manage without, such as the Silverlight Control Toolkit

Originally posted 29/May/2012


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