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I have been lucky enough get a SIM-free unlocked Nokia Lumia 920, so I set everything up as best I could, and then put the SIM card in the phone. It picked up my O2 signal, and then I got a text message saying they couldn't set up my phone automatically, and to ring O2 for assistance.

I turned off Wi-Fi, and went into IE, but was unable to access the internet.

No problems, I can download 'Network Setup' and let that sort it out.

Problems - 'Network Setup' isn't in the Nokia Collection.

No problems, just do Settings>mobile network>add apn.

Problems - this doesn't exist in Windows Phone 8.

No problems - text ACTIVE to 2020 on O2, to get your automatic settings.

Problems - not supported.

So what to do next? Take the advice of the 2 text messages, and call O2? I have been down this route in the past. O2 don't currently sell the 920, and in the past, when I have had a phone they don't sell, they are pretty unable/unwilling to help, or tell you that 'all the settings are on the SIM card, and you can't set them manually'.

Time to look into the settings further - and there are lots of new items in the settings, including one that looked interesting - 'access point'


Tried tap and hold to edit the O2 - UK Prepaid entry, but it wasn't an option, so decided to add a new one. It prompted for a new name, and then the APN settings. I completed them as follows:-

The password in the above screen shot is password

Then on to the MMS settings:-

The password in the above screen shot is o2wap
Save the settings, and then set the new entry of 'O2' to active. Go back and try IE again, and lo-and-behold I see a web page! I then tested out sending an MMS to Diane's phone, and I heard the tell-tale 'beep' from the kitchen - success.

Obviously, I have used the O2 settings, but the same method should work on a SIM-free phone.

I got the above screen shots from the device, using the new 'screen shot' function from Windows Phone 8 - hold the windows key down, and then briefly press the power button. The screen-shot then gets saved in a \Pictures\Screenshots folder on your phone - great addition.

I will blog more about the 920 when I have used it for a few more days, but my initial impression is WOW - this is one AMAZING phone!

Oringally posted 16/Nov/2012


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