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When testing our playing music from my collection on Windows 8 RT and UWP projects, for various reasons, at times I needed to do my testing on an emulator. So how do you get some sample music on an emulator to test out? 

Simple - You use an 'SD card'.

This SD card is a folder on your PC. First create a folder on your PC. Then on the emulator, click on the 'Tools' icon, and then select the SD Card tab.

In this case, we created a folder called Emulator SD Card in the 'Temp' folder. Browse to this folder, ensure the checkbox is ticked, and click on 'Insert SD Card'

You will see a progress bar, and then the emulator notifies you the SD card has been found. Click on 'Yes'. Now eject the SD card, and then click on insert again. Look at your folder, and you will see that the 'standard' SD card folders have been created.

Now close the emulator, and copy some music into the \Emulator SD Card\Music\ folder. Restart the emulator, Click on 'Insert the SD Card', you will see a progress bar, and then an SD card on the emulator. Click on the 'SD Card' on the emulator...

and EVENTUALLY your music will show up under 'Music' on the SD card

Click on the 'Music' and you should see the music you copied to the folder on your PC.

Finally, run your program which is looking for music in the libary, as described in the blog post Playing music from your library in Windows Phone 8.1 RT and UWP Apps and all your tracks should show up.

This will also work for Videos and Photos - simply copy them to the appropriate folder on your PC, restart the emulator, and they should appear.

The reason I say restart the emulator, is that sometimes there are files open, and you can't eject the SD Card.


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