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On Tuesday the 13th of September, we finally held the first meeting (hopefully of many) of the WPUG in Manchester. Matt Lacey has been running the WPUG in London for over a year, and a northern meeting has been mooted for a while.

This finally came about due to the efforts of Rick Garner, Chris Hardy and a bit of input from myself.

The meeting was held at the Manchester Digital Laboratory (MadLab), a centrally located, but well hidden venue in Manchester's 'northern quarter'. Once you worked out that MadLab was the abbreviation for Manchester Digital Laboratory, the task was a little easier, although with the closed shutters, and just a faded sign over the intercom, it was still a challenge. MadLab is ideally placed though, and the room was just right for our needs. We were well looked after - so thanks again to MadLab.

We started around 6:30 with a smaller audience than the registrations indicated, so thanks to everyone who made the effort. We had attendees who had traveled on the day from Birmingham, Sheffield and Liverpool to name but 3, and Ben who is based in Durham but was working in Manchester.

After the introductions, and we found out why everyone was there, I did a presentation on Marketplace submission - tips and tricks. This simulated a wide ranging discussion from development to submission, with everyone contributing. Special thanks to Simon Jackson for highlighting the testing service provided by the the XNA-UK XAP test service. They support testing of all apps / games in either Silverlight or XNA on the service and provide a wealth of testing capabilities from marketplace testing to UI/UX guidance and support.  All for free.

We had a short discussion about what we wanted to see in the future (Expression Blend, Mono, data binding), and who we could 'press gang' into speaking at the meetings.

Thanks to Paul Lo from Microsoft, we raffled off some swag, including a very nice Windows Phone laptop bag, and then retired across the road to a very nice bar for some socialising and geek talk.

We are HOPING to run the next meeting on Tuesday 8th November at the same place - so stay tuned for more details.

Again, thanks to Rick, Chris and Matt - and here are some photograhs from the event.

Originally posted 17/Sep/2011


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