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As we all probably know by now, Windows Phone 10 has officially 'died' as of the 10th December, and you may be wondering what to do with it.

One option is to load Windows 10 Arm on it - full details from Ian Dixon can be found here.

I followed the instructions to do it, but forgot I had another phone connected to my laptop, and I managed to brick my 950XL. 

I THOUGHT I had followed the instructions, but hadn't turned of bitlocker on the phone, so I had a phone that only booted to the bitlocker screen. Despite many searches, attempts to hard reset, I still kept coming back to the same bitlocker screen.

Finally I found a an article telling me how to get the the flash screen and reflash the phone. 


So for anyone who runs into a similar situation with their Windows phone - this is what to do to fix it. 

  1. Download the Windows Phone Image Designer tool. 
  2. Reboot the phone to 'flash mode' by holding the volume up key when starting the phone.     You should now see a 'flash and gear' icon on your phone.
  3. Select and download your FFU files from your phone - available from here.
  4. Run the Windows Phone Image Designer tool and flash your phone with the FFU in step 3
  5. Download and install the Windows Device Recovery tool
  6. Run the WDRT and select install the software – it will download and install the software automatically.
  7. That’s it – your phone should be restored

Good Luck!!


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