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Last Saturday, we held the first of our free Windows Phone 7 Workshops - hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. Special thanks to Mike Ormond for coming along and pitching in, plus talking about Marketplace submission.

The venue was the excellent 'The Studio' in Birmingham - heartily recommended to anyone looking to run an event in Birmingham. Great location, facilities and food, and friendly efficient staff.

The workshop was a 12 hour event, the idea being that people worked in groups, to get applications ready to submit to Marketplace. Developers could bounce ideas off their peers, and ask APPA Mundi or Microsoft people for help and advice on the more thorny issues. The format worked very well, with several developers finishing up in a position where they were ready to submit their applications to Marketplace.

There were loads of prizes, although that wasn't the main reason people came. We gave a way an Xbox Kinect system in a raffle, and several smaller prizes such as books, tee-shirts and phone cases. Every attendee also got a free licence for $299 of controls from Mindscape.

More importantly, on the day, Lee Spring won a Samsung Omnia for the app we judged to have made the most progress. Additionally, we will be giving away several other FREE developer phones to the guys who made great progress with their apps, when they are published to the Marketplace.

Come along to one (or all) of our other workshops (• London - 2nd April 2011 • Manchester - 9th April 2011 • London - 16th April 2011) and win big too. We will again be raffling off an Xbox Kinect system, and giving a free phone on the day to one lucky (hard working) developer who makes the most progress toward Marketplace. In addition, thanks to the generosity of our friends from Microsoft, we will have even more FREE Developer phones to give away - just impress us with your (original) app, and submit it to Marketplace to get a developer phone - all you pay is the carriage charges. Sounds too good to be true - but it isn't.

The events run from 9am until PM - but you needn't stay all day. Several hardy souls in Birmingham did, and several people who originally said they were only here until lunchtime finished up staying a lot later than they thought they would.

 We took a few photographs of the event - and promise to take more at the forthcoming events. Hope to see some of you on Saturday. If you are coming along, please remember to bring your laptops. We will have several developer phones you will be able to use to test your apps on, if you don't have a developer phone.

Early in the day - Full of enthusiasm.


Coming up on 10 hours - still going strong


Coming to the end of the workshop - still a few hardy souls working.

Originally posted 29/Mar/2011


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