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Just a brief word of thanks to everyone who attended the Windows Phone Camp on Saturday the 30th June at the Radisson Blu in Edinburgh.

Thanks to John Cooper from Nokia, Dave Crawford from Microsoft for their help, and presentations. Dave's excellent presentation on Metro design really seemed to wow the audience.

Below is a reprise of the links we highlighted on Saturday.

Windows Phone 7.1 SDK

App Hub

Windows Silverlight Toolkit

Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit in depth


Jump Start Training

Windows Phone 7 Resource Locator

Application certification guidelines

Marketing resources

Application Submission Walkthrough

Screenshot Tool

XNA-UK XAP test service

Windows Phone 7 Screen Shot Tool

Mike Ormond’s Templates for

GUI Interface for Capability Detection

GUI Interface for Isolated Storage Explorer Tool

Creating a Windows Phone 7 Trial Application: Implementation and Best Practices

Beginning C# - Robe Miles C Sharp Yellow Book or

Rob Miles - Writing Silverlight and XNA apps for Windows Phone

APPA Mundi Blogs

Windows Phone SDK 7.1 RC

Obfuscation and Analytics

Windows Phone Developer Support

Windows Phone User Group

Community Windows 7 Development book

Jeff Blankenberg - 31 days of Mango

Jeff Wilcox - Unit Testing

Jeff Wilcox - Metro Grid Helper

SQL Compact Toolbox including GUI Interface for SQLMetal

Mike Ormonds Blog

Windows Phone Developer Blog

Ad Monetization - Best Practices

XNA - UK XAP Test service

Windows Azure Toolkit For Windows Phone

Windows Phone Metro Design - Channel 9 from Techdays of Dave Crawfords excellent presentation

Windows Phone Mango Jump Start training

Slides and HOLS

user and password wp7camps


To receive a developer phone you will need to be provide:

App Hub Publisher Name
Live ID
Screenshots of a new app that you will publish in the next 30 days.
Full Name
Telephone Number

Requests can be sent to

Only one handset per developer


Originally posted 3/Jul/2012


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