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Hi APPA Market Developers

Microsoft has expanded availability of App Hub, and renamed it Dev Center. You can check if your country is supported here.

If your country is listed you can now register your own developer account with Microsoft. If you follow the migration instructions below, Microsoft will reimburse your first year membership to Dev Center.

This is only available until September 7th 2012, so you will need to hurry. 

During this time you will still have access to your APPA Market account if you decide to migrate.

All the details are detailed here

 and include a form you can complete with your details and send directly to APPA Market

Please note that by agreeing to create an account on Dev Center, we will move the apps you have published with APPA Market to your new Dev Center Account. This means that you will:

1.       Have access to all of yours apps in Dev Center.
2.       Retain your existing app users for updates
3.       Retain reviews for your apps.
4.       Retain star ratings.

The new Dev Center will provide you these features:

1.       Ability to submit unlimited ‘paid’ apps and 100 ‘free’ apps directly
2.       Ability to unlock 3 devices
3.       Direct access to downloads, royalty, and crash reports
4.       Ability to update account data
5.       Country/region specific pricing
6.       New reporting views
7.       Simplified process for submitting apps
8.       Submit apps to almost two hundred countries/regions
9.       Can now have 10,000 beta testers
10.      View all reviews

APPA Market want to ensure your migration of your registration and applications to Dev Center is as smooth as possible. To migrate, you will have to register on Dev Center using the same email address as the one you provided to APPA Market and provide a credit card number.

Please do NOT pay with PayPal as Microsoft cannot support reimbursement of fees paid for with PayPal. 

You can then begin publishing new apps immediately.

In late October/mid November, Microsoft will migrate the apps you have published today through APPA Market to your new account (you will have to fill a special form as outlined in the migration instructions).  

If you want to republish apps immediately, you can ask APPA Market to unpublish your apps, and you can republish using your own new account However, please be aware, that you will lose ratings and reviews and the ability to update the app for your existing users.


 We would like to be sure that your migration to Microsoft Dev Center is as smooth as possible, and that you get the additional features by being a registered member of Dev Center. For any questions about this, please contact APPA Market

Thanks for your support so far - and good luck with your future apps

Originally posted 13/Aug/2012


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