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Although I have been developing Windows Phone 7 apps for over 12 months now, I saw 101 Windows Phone 7 Apps by Adam Nathan and it looked interesting.

I put in a 'request' for the book for Father's Day. It was delivered earlier this week, and I was allowed to read it before the 'big day'. It truly is a massive tome, weighing in at over 2 Kilos - not something you would take on a plane journey for light reading, as it would probably exceed your allowance on Ryanair.

This is Volume 1, and covers apps 1 to 50 - Volume 2 is due out later this year. Each chapter of the book covers building one application, and gradually the applications get more complex, and more useful. The book takes the unusual approach of printing all the code for each application, using the colours you would normally see in Visual Studio. (You can also download the code if you buy the book). At the end, there is a XAML reference, a 'theme resources' reference and a 'geometry' reference.

The sample apps cover transforms and animations, local data, pivot panorama and graphs, audio and video, microphone, touch, multi touch and the accelerometer.

Although I am a quick reader, the 1100+ pages will take some reading, although from first impressions, it will be well worth reading. I would recommend this book for anyone looking at starting development on Windows Phone 7, as well as more experienced developers looking at things they have done before, or just as a reminder. The book is as up to date as you would expect, and covers the Silverlight Toolkit. The book contains many usability and design recommendations which are helpful for anyone starting on the Windows Phone 7 development journey.

My first impression is that this is an excellent book for beginners and more experienced developers alike.


Originally posted 14/Jun/2011


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